Opinion: The election is over, but this is not the end

by Luke Tracy

The election of Donald Trump on Tuesday night has struck fear in many Americans all around the country including minority groups, women, and even environmentalists.

Trump’s immigration plans include an incredible increase of security at the borders, tripling the numbers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, and putting a halt on the number of Syrian refugees into the country. Trump claims that enforcing these actions will help increase opportunities for Americans to work, and will ensure safety for all American people. However, the American Dream has always been that anyone can come to the United States and succeed.

In the weeks leading up to the election, old audio recordings of Trump speaking horribly about woman with Billy Bush, radio and TV host, were released. In the tapes, he spoke about touching woman inappropriately and how it was okay to do so because he was famous, according to the Washington Post. Along with his past remarks on women, Trump opposes abortion rights, something many women disagree with for they believe it is a right to their own body.

Environmentalists also join the crowd of people who are now in fear of Donald Trump. While Trump supports cleaner air and water for everyone, he stated on his Twitter account, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make the U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Trump is also not a supporter of the EPA, for he believes it creates too many regulations. In an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News a year ago, when asked about who will take care of the environment, Trump said, “We’ll be fine with the environment, we can leave a little bit but you can’t destroy business.”

Trump is clearly described as a loose cannon, for nobody can tell what his next move will be. A scary thought for someone who will have control of nuclear codes.

However, these are the choices that the American people made. The silent majority came out of nowhere and shocked the whole nation in an election that was suppose to go the opposite way. The day before the election, the New York Times had prediected Hillary Clinton had an 85 percent chance of winning the election, leaving Donald Trump with a mere 15 percent chance before polls opened.

Though the votes have been tallied and the decision has been made, Donald Trump as a president is not the end of a great nation. For 240 years, the United States has used a checks and balances system that keeps all three branches of the government in check with equal amount of power.  This system has worked for so long and will continue to work throughout the future years of Trump’s presidency.

What many people must now understand is that it is not a single person or even a small group of people who runs a nation. The nation is ultimately comprised of all of the citizens who make the country function.  When James Madison wrote the Constitution, he started with, “We the people,” not “We the president,” or “We the government.”

This country was based on the people’s choices and actions. If Donald Trump doesn’t do his job, it is within the power of the people to stop him.

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  1. I say give the man a chance, if he does a lousy job then people will vote for the democratic candidate in 2020.

    GB November 11, 2016 at 4:41 pm Reply

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