Column: Freshmen deal with leaky ceiling for four days

by Gavin Clark
edited by Kelsey Hausman

It started off like any other Monday for freshman Brian Dowling, until he heard something peculiar. It wasn’t the sounds of noisy neighbors, but rather the sound of dripping water. Even more concerning was that the noise was coming out of his ceiling.

(Photo: Gavin Clark)

There was a leak in the roof of Mount Washington 483.

He called maintenance early Monday morning.  When maintenance arrived, he was told that a fix would arrive by Wednesday. They told him it couldn’t be done that day because they would have to place a call in with someone. This did not go over well with Brian. “It’s okay though,” said Dowling. “They gave us a bucket!”

By Tuesday the popcorn ceiling was beginning to bubble up around the initial leak. The 5 gallon wire handle bucket he had received was consistently filling up. The  yellow tinged water dramatically contrasted against the grey of the bucket.

Come Wednesday, Dowling’s hopes were high that the annoying leak would finally be fixed, but nobody showed up. A second leak even appeared between the ceiling and the wall on his roommate’s side of the room, dripping and soaking into the mattress. At 11 o’clock in the evening, the freshmen lost all hope that help would arrive. Dowling’s roommate placed a call to Campus Safety.

“They said on Monday that they’d be back up to fix it today, but they haven’t been back up,” Dowling told the official. There wasn’t much that campus safety could do except place another call to maintenance and leave a message on behalf of the freshmen.

After four days of dealing with the leak, finally, at nine o’clock Thursday morning maintenance arrived to fix them. Brian doesn’t know how they did it, but he is grateful there’s no longer water coming out of his ceiling.

He also got to keep the bucket.




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