Newsbrief: 45 Killed more injured in Baghdad

by Alison Palma
edited by Robbie Sequeira

At least 45 people were killed and dozens more injured when a bomb detonated in Baghdad on February 16th, according to the Washington Post .

A spokesman said the bomb was placed in a parked car at the market in the Bayaa neighborhood. The bomb detonated in an attempt by the Islamic State to divert forces, manpower, and attention away from Iraqi militants’ pending invasion of the Mosul.

Cars not disabled by the blast were used to ferry the wounded to the hospital.

“It was horrible, dead bodies and body parts everywhere, they were all ­civilians,” Mushtaq Talib said to the Washington Post.

Iraqi military forces, backed by the United States, have secured the eastern part of the city and are expected to advance on western Mosul in the coming days.

Iraqi forces will be fighting in streets too narrow for armored vehicles to pass.

(Photo Credit: Washington Post)

Mosul has many densely packed neighborhoods, but it seen as a last stand for militants.

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