Newsbrief: Car bombing takes place in Baghdad

by Stephanie LeClair
edited by Catherine Tersoni

In Baghdad, a car bomb went off at a market, causing many deaths and injuries, according to The Washington Post.

Although the Iraqi government has been trying to protect Baghdad for many years, attacks have still been able to happen. After the bomb went off, the busy car market in the neighborhood of Bayaa, was in chaos.

(Photo: Ahmad Mousa)

The Washington Post reported that there were no less than 45 deaths and many people hurt. Dead bodies were scattered and others were injured. Surviving civilians rushed to get help.

Videos of the bombing were posted online. Shortly after, the Islamic State made a statement online taking responsibility for the attack.

According to The Washington Post, it appears that this attack, among others, was to distract the government from beating the Islamic State in Mosul.


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