Newsbrief: Saudi Arabia and its movement to change

by Haley Gardner
edited by Emily Catuccio

In Saudi Arabia laws concerning women are changing to reflect more modern day rights, according to the BBC. 

Women in Saudi Arabia have braved difficulties living under current Saudi Arabia’s laws such as not being able to drive, and being segregated or degraded by males.

With over two-thirds of the country being below 30, the optimism levels are high as many in the country are ready to show the world that they want to evolve and stay up to date in the 21’st century. Saudi Arabia is working on enacting new driving laws where women over 40 are able to drive.

The laws are strict when it comes to segregating restaurants. Men and women must sit separately unless they are part of a “family” or a “group” with a single man.

(Photo: BBC)

To the Saudis, “Opening up more social freedoms isn’t just about providing more fun,” according to the BBC. It will change the social dynamics of the country, and will start to show the people that it is okay to socialise and to take part in society.


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