Newsbrief: The US will not take Iraq’s oil under Trump’s administration

by Alex Malm
edited by Oliver Dorf

Jim Mattis , the Defense Secretary for the United States, told Baghdad that the US is not interested in seizing Iraqi oil, according to the New York Times.

During his stop in the United Arab Emirates,  Mattis said “We’re not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil.”

The comment comes after President Trump made remarks  in a visit to the CIA where Trump stated that the United States should have “kept” Iraq’s oil after the American-led invasion, and might still have a chance to do so.

(Photo: Google)

In the first days since  Mattis has been confirmed as Defense Secretary he has been visiting countries that the  US is allies with to clear up any confusion.

This is the second round of reassuring  that the US is committed  to their allies. The first came after some of the rhetoric used by Donald Trump in the early stages of his presidency.

The main goal of all these trips according to the Administration is to make sure allies around the world that the US is still committed.



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