Newsbrief: U.S. and Iranian tensions begin to arise

by Will Riczu
Edited by Ryan Martin

The Iranian President is under fire for being too gentle on controversial issues, according to the Washington Post.

(Photo: The Washington Post)

Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, sent out a tweet advising President Donald Trump to”not build walls between nations.” Rouhani followed his caution by saying, “Let’s not forget what happened to the #BerlinWall,” hinting that a wall is not the most viable solution to national problems.

The tweet has been met with criticism from Rouhani’s potential challenger in the election, Ezzatollah Zarghami, due to its soft and less aggressive nature. “You should speak to [Trump] the same way you speak to your critics,” said Zarghami, in a fiery response.

Iran is holding its presidential elections on May 19th, and Rouhani is running for re-election.

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