Violent Protest Break out in Iraq

by Alexa Asta
edited by Matt Dresselhouse

The people of Iraq are protesting the potential new leader with excessive violence erupts throughout the country.

Violent protests broke out in Iraq on February 11th, according to the New York Times. The race for a new leader has caused chaos within the public. Bloody riots have broken out, killing five demonstrators and a policeman. The fight between Sadr and Maliki has caused tension between the two political sides.

Sadr brought to his supporter’s attention, that they must corrupt the Islamic state.  Maliki wants to have strong allies between different countries like the United States.


(Photo: Google Images)

The differences are spiraling protests between the two parties. “Saturday’s violence was unlikely to herald a dramatic shift in the balance of power” says the New York Times. Sadr’s violent ways are being noticed by the public but this is considered a way to assert his power.

With the election soon coming to a close and Iraqi people expecting a new leader, there is uncertainty with the rest of the Middle East.



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