Column: Handshakes fly on the diamond

by Casey Diana
edited by Robbie Sequeira

Any visitor to Pappas Field will notice a couple things. First, the team that calls the field home is very, very good – to the degree that they went to the Division II College World Series last year.

Second, there is no shortage of fun to be had in the dugout.

(Photo: Marisa Ketterman)

If you make it to the field in time to hear the starting line-ups announced, you’ll notice some out-of-the-ordinary handshakes coming from the home team.

“I started doing them sophomore year,” said senior Marc Roche. Roche has been the Franklin Pierce Baseball Student Manager since he got to campus in the fall of 2013.

Adam Chase, a junior outfielder, said, “I have one with Marc and Tim (Going).” Chase likes to keep things simple with just the two, while Roche has handshakes for “the whole starting nine, the older guys like Fournier and Tanner, and the coaching staff.”

Handshakes and celebrations can be found in almost every single dugout throughout the MLB and collegiate ranks. “They help keep the guys loose and keep things fun, which is something we like to do in our dugout,” said Roche.

Chase agreed, saying “Why not? It’s something unique to get me ready for game time.”

Each handshake that comes out of the Franklin Pierce dugout has been tweaked and personalized for the player during the off season. “Trying to figure out what we want to do in the pre-season is the toughest part,” said Roche.

“Honestly, I’ll forget some of them sometimes because there are so many. And, I can’t dance” said Roche, “so we try keep it simple.”

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