Crowd size is not a problem for Family Feud

(Photo: Trent Dunn)

by Trent Dunn
edited by Austin Callaway

Crowd size did not stop the Family Feud event from taking place.

“I wish there was more people, but you can’t help it. However, I’m glad every team showed up,” said Sophia Venezia, freshman class president.

The total crowd was 37 people, including 30 team members.

“It went well I think, maybe a few bumps. All in all I hope everyone had fun,” said Venezia. 

Those bumps included having to change the host midway through the game and a bit of trouble with the projector.

The six teams of five all signed up at the Information Desk and were all present to try to win a television, a Keurig, a camera, and two gift cards.

“I knew a couple people initially from the team and made a couple friends, and I also get a gift card,” said freshman Alyssa McKinnon, captain of the winning team.


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