Newsbrief: Trump questioned about American hostages in Iran

by Alexa Asta
edited by Matt Dresselhouse

Relatives of the hostages that have been detained in Iran have spoken out about how president Trump will deal with these situations, according to  New York Times.

(Photo: New York Times)

In the past few years, five Americans have been held hostage in Iran, four of those were after the nuclear discussion ended between the Americans and Iranian leaders.

Trump vowed to not negotiate with Iran over ransom for the prisoners.

Saeed Ghasseminejad, a critic of the Iran nuclear deal, said,”Whatever Obama administration officials wish to call it, their de facto ransom payment has encouraged Iran to double down on efforts to target U.S. citizens traveling there.”

Hostages have been an ongoing problem the Iranian government for over four decades. Trump’s new travel ban is causing more distrust between the American government and the Iranian government.

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