Raid in Yemen under question by father of dead soldier

by Alex Thenin
edited by Sean Ellertson

The father of SEAL killed in the raid in Yemen is demanding an investigation into the validity of the operation, according to the BBC.

The father, Bill Owens, refused to meet with President Donald Trump. Owen said it had been two years since any U.S. soldier had been on the ground in Yemen.

Previously, the U.S. has only been using drones and missiles in Yemen. The plans for the raid had been in the works since the Obama administration, according to the BBC.

The raid did not go as planned, as a huge firefight broke out between the U.S. soldiers and Al-Qaeda militants. Several civilians, including children, were killed in the cross fire.

Reports state that the raid failed to capture the suspect, but the SEALS were able to retrieve some important intelligence.

The White House Press Secretary, Sean Spencer, said during a press conference that the father should be proud because, “His (Owen’s) son died a hero,” and said that the mission gathered important information that would help the U.S. stay safe.

The father, who said he was disturbed by Trump saying that he would kill terrorists’ families, said he his conscience would not let him meet the President.


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