Restrictions on hajibs in Turkey comes to an end

by Cassie Rowe
edited by Katie Davert

 Turkey has begun allowing religious wearings of the hijab in their schools, buildings and now their military, according to the New York Times.

The military was the last place to decriminalize the wearing of hajibs in Turkey.

(Photo; New York Times)

The movement of allowing hajibs to be worn on college campuses began in 2013. It moved to court and now it is legal to wear them everywhere. In Turkey there has been quite a religious struggle among its people but since 2011 things have been turning around. 

“As of 2013, the last year of official data, there were 1,345 female commissioned officers and 370 female noncommissioned officers out of 723,741 military personnel in Turkey,” according to the New York Times. Since the decriminalization of the hajib more women are expected to join the military. 

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