The “No Bitch Vow” fights for the end of degrading language towards women

by Alex Thenin
edited by Sean Ellertson

The “No Bitch Vow” collected more than 100 signatures in an attempt to stop the use of derogatory words towards women.

The vow project was undertaken by senior Catherine Tersoni for the Franklin Pierce Women In Leadership program, as an activism project.

“I was excited to take action in hopes to make a difference in the language used among the community so that people are more aware of the negative words that roll off the tongue of many on a regular basis,” Tersoni said.

The vows give the option to choose what words each individual wanted to eliminate from their vocabulary.

(Photo: Alex Thenin)

Professor Donna Decker, one of the Women In Leadership program professors, said the point of the project was to drive home that words matter and to start a discourse about civility. Another goal is to put these harmful words front and center. Decker also said this project was important due to the current political climate.

Dan Longtin, a sophomore who took the vow, said, “The reason I took the ‘no bitch vow’ was because I think that words mean a lot to people in general. I think that taking the vow is a good thing for the community and females in general.”

Longtin also said he thought the vows were important because they brought the community together.

This was the first time the project was headed by a student.


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