At-risk students are the topic of discussion at final Indie Lens screening

by Walker John

(Photo: Google)

Over 30 students attended the final film of the Indie Lens Pop-up series in Spagnuolo Hall on Tuesday, April 25.

The event took place at 6:30 p.m. and featured a screening of the film “The Bad Kids,”  followed by a discussion led by Christina Cliff, professor of social science.

Prior to the screening, students enjoyed a potluck that included complimentary drinks and snacks.

“The Bad Kids” followed a group of at-risk teens attending an alternative school in the isolated and impoverished Mojave Desert community. The film brought to light the struggles of these kids as their teachers sought to help them realize their full potential.

The film won the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award for Verite Filmmaking.

Freshman Isaiah Savage attended the event and felt inspired by the kids’ abilities to overcome trauma and obstacles.

“I can kind of relate to some of these kids,” Savage said. “I struggled a lot in school and had to get a lot of extra help, but I was determined to graduate.”

Sophomore Anthony Baronelli also attended the event.

“This was my first time going to one of these,” Baronelli said. “The discussion at the end was really cool, and I think it helped everyone really learn from the film.”

Indie Lens Pop-up is an event in which an original PBS film is screened to a community in order to spark a formal discussion afterwards.

The next event taking place in Spagnuolo Hall will be the community service banquet on Friday, April 28.




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