Column:“The Minis” face a crisis they didn’t think they’d have to deal with when they met four years ago

by Catherine Tersoni

Besides a rocky start to a friendship, Stephanie Presti and Crystal Colon now battle against the idea of graduation separating them forever.

“They are the minis,” said one student. Colon and Presti are known around campus for their tiny size and for always being together.

“When we first met we actually didn’t like each other. Once I got to know her better, I realized that we have the same outlook on things,” said Colon as Presti stood by her agreeing.

Colon and Presti are from different states, making it difficult for the two to see each other when they are not living on campus. The two have always been able to keep in touch while on vacations and breaks from school, however with graduation around the corner, they have been trying to find ways to keep in touch.

(Photo: Crystal Colon)

“We plan on visiting each other over the summer. Once I have my license it will be easier for me to see her. I also plan to live closer to Boston in the future,” said Colon.

As freshmen, the two were not afraid of post-graduation plans. However, as time went on and graduation started to become closer than they thought, they began to panic with how they would be able to maintain their close friendship once they are no longer in the same state.

Colon and Presti have been roommates for three years. The two share common interests, shoe size, and clothes. They have been best friends and have shared so many things, the future of separation has been making them nervous.

The two seniors value their friendship too much to let distance ruin it. Colon and Presti, along with many other friendships shared on campus, will find a way to be friends forever.

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