Crew teams’ rowing equipment replaced

by Haley Gardner
edited by Walker John

The rowing machines have been replaced,  four weeks after the Bubble was damaged. 

The rowing machines in the Bubble were destroyed when the Bubble burst during the April 1st snowstorm.

Students involved in other sports are wondering where the funds came from and why they were not dispersed among all the teams. A student from the track team, Aidan Gilbride, said, “The pole vaults and the crash pads were ruined and everyone on the team is angry and annoyed because that means that we cannot practice. I wish the money had been dispersed over all of the teams rather than just go to the rowing team.”

A member of the rowing team, Kelsey Parker, said, “We have only used the machines once, and then we got on the water so we haven’t even really used them much. They are really nice erg’s.”


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