Gender Revolution in Spag Hall

by Aidan Gilbride
edited by Katie Davert


On Thursday March 30th students consisting of all class years gathered  in Spagnuolo Hall on campus as a brand new two hour documentary “The Gender Revolution” produced by Katie Couric and the National Geographic.

(Photo: Google)


The documentary is a complex and tender look at the way gender shapes every person’s life and the experiences that come along with it including what it means to be transgender in today’s world according to the National Geographic.

It also tackles the issue of the ongoing cultural conversation surrounding the spectrum of gender identity.

Freshman Walker John attended the viewing and said, “I saw the posters for the event and decided to go with some of my friends because it’s a topic that really interests me.”

It addresses issues people are brave enough to discuss now as society is a more accepting place now.

Freshman Jack Steeves said, “The movie went into depth about gender identity and really opened my eyes.”


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