Get ready to party

(Photo: Sydney Maville)

by Sydney Maville
edited by Gavin Clark

On Saturday April 22nd at 9 p.m. the doors to Cheney Hall will open as MEGGA presents their first big event, a black light rave.

“We figured that we’d ring out the school year with a big rave for everyone to dance, have fun, party,” said freshman Frazier Hines, MEGGA’s SGA representative.

The event will last until 11 p.m. and have lots of free giveaways.

The first 30 people who line up at the door first will receive free complimentary t-shirts.

The club plans to hand out 20 additional t-shirts while students party.

During the event, the club plans to give out glow sticks, and beach balls.

“We hope to have around 200 people inside, with a line out the door,” said junior Logan Sherwood, MEGGA president, in a phone interview.

No water bottles or backpacks will be allowed in to the rave due to safety concerns.

Freshman DJ Chaston Finaldi, MEGGA member, plans to throw out some great tunes for the crowd to party to.

Chaston has been a DJ before and is known by the club to put new spins on old school songs.

Because of the high popularity and turnout from the foam drop, MEGGA expects to have a high turnout for their rave.

MEGGA is promoting the event and their club by hosting a smaller event, known as the 600-dollar where tables will be set up outside all residential areas on April 17th at 8pm.

Each club and class is given $600 to advertise their club, so MEGGA chose to hand out bracelets with their logo on them, along with lemonade and tea.

This event is the first of its kind for the new club, which hopes to drawing in new members.

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