Getting ready for spring with Lawn Games Bingo

by Stephanie LeClair
edited by Katie Davert

Games of rock-paper-scissors were used to resolve ties during the first ever Lawn Games Bingo on Friday, March 31st.

Students winning bingo at the same time happened at least three times.

Seventy-five to one hundred people were expected to attend this event and the room filled quickly with hopeful and excited students.

“Lawn Games Bingo is an event here on campus that the student involvement desk is throwing, and it is a game where we offer prizes that have to do with all of the lawn games that you see outside,” said freshman Krystopher Lucero.

All of the prizes were lawn games and some of the games were horseshoes, hacky sack, frisbee, and kan jam.

(Photo: Stephanie LeClair)

“I think bingo is such a great event on campus,” said senior Erin Baronas, “tons of students come out for this event.”

As the event continued, students had to win bingo with different shapes besides the normal five numbers in a row. The event had a total of 11 different games.

Lawn Games Bingo had not been done before. In the past there has been different themed bingo games that had given out prizes like T.V.’s or gift cards.


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