Newsbrief: Aid worker released after 3 years of detainment

by Jenna Harrington
edited by Luke Tracy

A high profile case in Egypt ended after three years, with an Egyptian-American aid worker released from charges of child abuse and human trafficking, according to The New York Times

The aid worker, Aya Hijazi, was arrested with her husband and several others while working for the Beladi Foundation, a nonprofit organization. The couple was accused of abusing children who were in their care. These charges carried potential sentences of five years of hard labor to life in jail.

Egyptian news described Hijazi as an “American agitator” who paid children to throw stones at police officials while abusing them, according to the New York Times.

After the ruling, Hijazi and her husband hoped to return to the children in the streets of Cairo. “Children are wealth, and they were strong while we have been in prison. We want to go back to the streets,” said Mohamed Hassanein, the husband of Hijazi. They are unsure if the government will allow them to return to work.

Another foreigner, Ibrahim Halawa from Ireland, was arrested in 2013 during a Muslim brotherhood protest. His family states that he is on a hunger strike protesting his long term detention. His case is part of a mass trial of about 500 other people.

(Photo: The New York Times)

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