Newsbrief: Bombs from Turkey strike new areas

by Stephanie LeClair

Turkey bombed Syria as well as Iraq on Tuesday, according to The Washington Post.

The bombings in Syria took the lives of up to 20 Kurdish fighters who were supported by the United States. Turkey stated that the bombs were directed at routes that were used to sneak explosives, ammunition, and arms into their country. They were also aimed at what they called “‘terrorist hotbeds,'” according to The Washington Post.

These targets were chosen because they were used by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

The United States has worked with Kurdish fighters to battle ISIS and is “‘deeply concerned'” about these attacks. With their rival expanding across their southern boarder, Turkey claims to have asked the United States to stop supporting The People’s Protection Units.

                   (Photo: Rodi Said/Reuters)

The Turkish bombings from Turkey to Iraq are a new step in their fight against Kurdish militants.

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