Newsbrief: Israeli settlers continue to wait for relocation after eviction

(Photo: Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

by Sydney Maville
edited by Shannon Slater

Israeli residents have yet to be resettled after losing their homes in the settlement of Amona, but the Israeli government has a new proposal, according to The Washington Post.

After two months of trying to figure out what to do with the residents, the Israeli government has proposed to resettle the residents on a new site around the Jewish settlement of Shvut Rachel.

These once residents had been kicked off the land after Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the land belonged to farmers from the Palestinian village of Silwad.

This new proposal is heavily disapproved by the international community, and threatens any hopes of a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel.

Palestinians believe that the existence of a new settlement is another ploy to take land from them.

“Israel continues to destroy the prospects of peace in our region and to severely affect our lives by the theft of land and natural resources,” said Saeb Erekat, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The international community is also concerned about a potential peace deal that could make the settlers relocate again if there is a Palestinian state created.

But the longer the relocation of Amona residents take, the more stressed the settlers become.

Most of the evicted families live in small crowded school dormitories in a nearby settlement known as Ofra.

“In 20 minutes, 20 years of our life was just destroyed,” said Tamar Nizri, a former resident of Amona.

Nizir had watched as Israeli youths chained themselves to her house on demolition day making it a “symbol of strength to the people of Israel,” said Nizir.

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