Newsbrief: Jordan revokes law that protects rapists

by Alison Palma
edited by Sean Ellertson

In Jordan, a law protecting rapists from being punished if they were married to their victim was revoked on Sunday April 23rd, according to BBC News.

Women activists, Muslim and Christian scholars, and others campaigned for years to finally get the law overturned.

“With rape and sexual abuse impacting nearly a billion women and girls over their lifetimes, a repeal in Jordan and Lebanon would be crucial examples showing how change is possible in the Arab region, and around the world, for countries with similar exemptions,” a spokesman for the human rights group told BBC.

Protestors hung wedding dresses in public areas to protest against this law, and have gotten attention across the world. Other countries such as Morocco, Egypt, and Ethiopia have also made changes to laws touching on the same issue.

(Photo: BBC)

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