Newsbrief: Pope Francis visiting the Middle East

by Willow Moulton
edited by Kendra Syphers

Egypt has heightened security upon Pope Francis’ visit this upcoming weekend after the various attacks taking place against the Christians, according to The Washington Post.

(Photo: Heba Afify)

Police have been going door to door to do checks, prohibited parking near the church and have asked all businesses to shut down and close their doors this upcoming weekend for Pope Francis’ visit. This restriction begins this upcoming Friday and will stay in place for the two days of Pope Francis’ visit.

Security forces will continue to do checks and search for explosives even during Pope Francis’ visit. In the Pope’s visit he will attend a Mass in a stadium outside of Cairo.

The latest attack was on Palm Sunday on two churches. The bombs killed at least 45 people.The Islamic State branch in Egypt took responsibility for the bombings and attack on the Coptic Christians. A video was released in February labeled “Kill All Idolaters” which pushed to get rid of all the Christians.

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