Newsbrief: Satellite pictures show ISIS controlled Raqqa, Syria.

(Photo: CNN)

by Kelsey Parker
edited by Kelsey Hausman

A satellite captured rare pictures of the ISIS controlled city of Raqqa, Syria on March 26th, according to CNN.

The first photo shows two checkpoints of the front of what they think is ISIS headquarters. According to Stuart Ray, a McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) analyst, the building appears to be rubble, but they believe it to be the previous ISIS command center.

A second photo outside of the government building shows the shadow of a large flag that they believe to be the flag of ISIS.

Raqqa is being closed in on by coalition-backed Syrian Defense Forces, an alliance of mainly Kurdish fighters with some Syrian rebels. They are moving in fast from the east, west, and north and said they are due to start moving into the south as well.  This is going to put pressure on ISIS in the city where there are reportedly food shortages and water problems.

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