Newsbrief: Tensions rise between US and Russia due to Syria attack

(Photo: Google)

by Eli Canfield
edited by Matt Dresselhouse

After the US military strike on Syria, the relations between the US and Russia are now at risk as President Trump’s use of force and the Russian Military is suspending am agreement “to share information about air operations over the country, devised to avoid accidental conflict,” according to The New York Times.

A Russian spokesman for President Vladimir Putin called the strike “a significant blow” to the relationship between Russia and the United States. Syria’s Government called the strike “a disgraceful act.” According to the Times Trump’s motivation for the strike was his belief that Syria has chemical weapons, which Assad himself denied.

Turkey has called acts like these “war crimes” and does not think such action is necessary.

Trump called the strike a success, while Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said that the strike was “overwhelmingly successful.”

As of the result of the attack, countries outside of the United States, Russia, and Syria spoke their voice: Iran, who is one of Russia’s main allies, did not condone the attack, while other countries like Britain, Germany and France supported the United States and condemned Bashar al-Assad  by saying that in a joint statement that he “bears sole responsibility,” for the chemical attacks.



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