One last show for the last eight remnants of two fallen majors

by Alex Thenin
edited by Casey Diana

(Photo: Luke Thresher)

The last eight students of two disbanded majors have organized one last show “the end, our beginning.” When these students were freshmen their majors were cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Since they were already enrolled, the students were allowed to completer their courses through a “teach out” program.

The name “The end, Our beginning” symbolizes the end of an era at Franklin Pierce and the students’ departure as they graduate. The beginning refers to their beginning as artists.

The show will be on display until April twenty first, from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays.

On April twelfth there was a reception. The gallery was packed as artists stood by their works interacting with students and teachers alike. “The show turned out very well,” said Tala Wilson, one of the artists involved with the exhibit.

Senior Kayla Cunningham said, “Collaborating and creating a show with all of our talented artists is something all of us seniors can be proud of.” She was one of the three students in charge of arranging the art for the show.

Senior Luke Thresher, who was an artist and in charge of publicizing the event, said the experience setting up the project was “fun, inspiring and exciting.” He also spoke of the huge amount of work everyone put into the exhibit, saying that all the students had been working on it since November.

Professor Susan Silverman and Robert Diercks helped the project greatly according to Tala Wilson.

“Though the end is near we have a bright future,” said Tala Wilson.

(Photo: Kayla Cunningham)

Other artists involved were Kayla Phipps, John Holmes, Phillip Moran, Emily Moore and Mikaela Ballmer.

(Photo : Kayla Cunningham)

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  2. Beautiful! Well done Alex.

    – Luke R. Thresher

    Luke Thresher April 14, 2017 at 1:42 pm Reply

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