Only two in attendance for APA seminar

by Cassie Rowe
edited by Meaghan O’Donoghue

(Photo; Google)

There was a disappointing turnout for the seminar on writing in APA format, but the coordinators continued their presentation even with the small audience of two people.

Alan Schulte, assistant professor of composition, explained the correct way of formatting papers and reference pages with the help of Molly Badrawy, the Language Consultant. “You want to do this because typically when you write in APA format people will want to double check [that] the information you are using is recent,” said Shulte. 

The Writing Center is hoping to hold many more seminars on formatting papers with finals week coming up. Also at the seminar was Jim W. O’Loughlin, an academic specialist for the Center of Academic Excellence (CAE), who encouraged students to make use of the CAE and the Writing Center. He described how the CAE is hoping to hold more seminars.  

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