Promoting sexual assault awareness one T-shirt at a time.

by Jenna Harrington
edited by Kelsey Hausman

(Photo: Jenna Harrington)

T-shirts were hung up all over the Glass Foyer depicting messages and pictures concerning sexual assault on Wednesday April 26th as a part of the sexual assault awareness week.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. people could stop at one of the tables, pick out a shirt and decorate it however they liked. After they were done it was hung on a clothesline to be displayed. It was a means of expressing emotions and the event was set up to honor the survivors of sexual assault and to aid in the healing process.

Outreach counselor Trish Moore, said, “These shirts help to prove a point to everyone that sexual assault is very common and slides under the radar. Some of the shirts you can tell have feelings of a dark experience behind them. It is a way to voice your feelings anonymously.”

The event was organized by the Outreach Center. String was strung across the Glass Foyer and T-shirts were held by clothespins. Leading up to the the event, there were several boxes placed around campus for students and staff to donate shirts for students to decorate.  Over 50 shirts were donated by FPU to Outreach.

“This event is a great way for everyone to voice their opinions about sexual assault. I hope to collect enough T-shirts to line the entire campus one year,” said Outreach counselor Nicole Newell.

The Clothesline Project is a non-governmental organization that was created to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women. The national campaign started in 1990 by a group of women in Massachusetts.

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