RavensFitClub gets in shape during Spring Semester

by Alexa Asta

With summer just around the corner, students have been gathering in the Dance Studio to participate in RavensFitClub.

The club performs XPA training programs that allow athletes and non athletes to increase their strength, plyometric, multi-directional movement, and core. Fabiola Garcon, who is part of Franklin Pierce Volleyball team, instructs the class. The goal of her class is to see results in a short time period and improve participants athleticism overall.

“The reason why it started was because RavensFitClub was one of the many ways that I knew I could give people the opportunity to see what I could teach them through fitness. Ultimately for them to see the power within themselves ,” said Fabiola Garcon, creator of RavensFitClub. Her goal after each session is to get more peers involved in understanding how enjoyable a workout can be and how great participants feel after they are done with the workout.

The Ravens Fit Club started on March 7th and meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30.

“I have been doing the club for two weeks now, and every time I come out in a sweat,” said Hannah LaToracca, a member of RavensFitClub, after the April 13th workout.

The workout consists of constant cardio that lasts about an hour.

“We do a lot of circuits and reps. It’s very fast paced and it definitely gets your heart rate going quick,” LaToracca said.

People can come to the workout sessions without being a member. The club has no sign ups, and participants can come as they please. Garcon has her Instagram account (FabFitForever) that updates with the times of the sessions, if they are subject to change.


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