Spanish Club breaks out Spanish bingo

by Aaron Santini
edited by Sean Ellertson

On Thursday April 6, the Franklin Pierce University Spanish club hosted bingo with an added twist, it was in español.

This was the first time that the club hosted Spanish bingo this school year and they were hoping for a fairly decent sized turnout. However, only fewer than 10 people attended. The event was held in the Monadnock Lounge.

“We gave out candy, and the people loved that. But we still didn’t get the turn out that we initially had wished for,” said freshman Faith Santa Cruz, who is the club’s SGA representative.

Aside from the language, Spanish bingo isn’t much different than the English version. The difference between these two is that in Spanish bingo, you get handed a 5×5 card with pictures of random objects on them. If the Spanish word of an object on a player’s bingo card is called, they can put a chip on it.

The club meets on most Thursdays at 5:15.

(Photo: Google) 

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