Student Involvement keeps Saturday night entertaining

by Gabrielle Gleiman
edited by Catherine Tersoni

(Photo: Gabrielle Gleiman)

The bingo event was a quick replacement for the rave originally planned by MEGGA for Saturday night.

MEGGA’s Rave was canceled due to an e-mail they sent out earlier in the week that contained inappropriate language and copyright issues. Student Involvement quickly put together a bingo event that was put on at Spagnuolo Hall. Around 30 students attended. 

Derek Scalia Assistant Director for Student Involvement, said, “I asked several students about what events they’d like to put on.”

There was no theme to the game, unlike other bingo nights. The prizes given out included gift cards for the Shell gas station and one for Disney.

Once the final prize was claimed, Scalia announced that everyone had a ten minute head start on the egg hunt. Students burst from their seats and ran out of Spagnuolo Hall in excitement.

Shannon Haynes of Student Involvement said, “It was a chain reaction once Derek said that we had a ten minute head start. Everyone literally bolted for the doors all at once, myself included.”

The egg hunt is an event that Student Involvement puts on every year. Derek was waiting for optimal weather for it. The eggs contained tickets which students would take back to the info desk. The number on the tickets represented a prize of either candy or a gift card. The maximum amount of eggs a student could have was two.  Students don’t know when the event happens until they receive an e-mail right as it starts. It took Scalia and student manager Erin Baronas a half hour to place all 170 eggs while bingo was going on.  

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