Students discuss controversial U.S. drone strikes at Indie Lens Pop-up

by Walker John

(Photo: PBS)

Over 30 people attended a screening of the independent film “National Bird,” as well as a discussion of the film’s topic in Spagnuolo Hall on Tuesday, April 4.

The event was a part of the Indie Lens Pop-up series conducted by PBS, in which communities come together for a film screening and group discussion.

The film followed the secret U.S. drone war, and provided insight from both survivors and veterans involved with the killings of people in the Middle East.

The topic is controversial as drone pilots regularly kill people while watching their deaths in real time.

Many attendees of the event were shocked by the events in the film, such as freshman Jack Steeves who felt very disturbed by the drone attacks from U.S. soldiers.

“It was actually kind of hard to watch,” Steeves said. “They were just killing unknown people like it was a video game.”

Freshman Christopher Danksewics also attended the event.

“I decided to go to the event with friends, expecting it to be kind of boring,” Danksewics said. “But seeing that kind of stuff and hearing from people who witnessed it was crazy.”

Dr. Christina Cliff, professor of Political Science, led the discussion that followed the film.

The event included a potluck before the screening, as well as the complimentary refreshments and snacks to enjoy during the film.

The next event taking place in Spagnuolo Hall will be a poetry slam by the P.A.C.

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