What in the world is rugby?

by Shannon Slater

Slam. Two bodies hit the ground as opposing players fight to gain control of the rugby ball.

Rugby is like a combination of football and soccer and has been influenced by many cultures to make it the most unique sport in the world.

“Pain. Everybody just assumes automatically you’re going to get hurt because you have no pads, and the only thing we do have is a mouth guard,” assistant captain Zepporah Velasco said.

Franklin Pierce has both a men’s and a women’s team on campus both have a more competitive fall season.

Although the team is not an NCAA sport is one of the bigger club sports on campus.

Rugby, a sport originating in England, is a team game played with an oval ball that may be kicked, carried, and passed from hand to hand. Points are earned by scoring the ball on the ground past the opponents’ goal lineor by kicking it through the goal posts.

(Photo: Shaughnessy Benoit)

Something that sets rugby apart from the rest of the on-campus teams is the annual alumni game. Players from past team come back to Pierce to compete against the current team now.

This is a unique aspect to rugby because the players come back to campus and play their sport and get to enjoy what they love about it again.

This is the only team on the entire campus that has an alumni game which adds to the unique and different aspects of the sport.

“Our current team plays against the alumni, and if the alumni don’t have enough players then our seniors play on the other team, which happened this year,” Velasco said.

“Our team is just one big happy family. We work very well together,” said Velasco. “We make everyone feel a part of the team as much as we can.”

The team finished their season at the Beast of the East tournament this past weekend.

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