Bruce Kirsh gets inducted to NE10 Hall of Fame

by Taji Owens
by Walker John

(photo: google images)

After announcing retirement, Bruce Kirsh was thrilled after finding out that he would be inducted into the NE10 Hall of Fame at the Franklin Pierce University sports banquet Sunday April 30th 2017.

The gym was filled with student athletes and alumni.

Kirsh has worked at Franklin Pierce for 45 years, the longest anyone has worked at FPU, it was announced.

“Bruce has helped this school out a lot with athletics, I am thankful for having him as my Athletic Director for two years,” said sophomore Isaiah Martinez.

Senior Donte Gittens said, “Bruce has been a great factor to this school and I’m honored to have known him for the four years I’ve been here. Im also proud of him for being inducted to the NE10 Hall of fame,”


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