Mt. Washington CA holds residential social event

by Cassie Rowe
edited by Austin Callaway

Only ten students showed up at a residential social event on Thursday April 27, held by Ron Morrissey, a CA for Mt. Washington.

(Photo; Cassie Rowe)

There where refreshments and food down on the beach volleyball courts as a chill out session before freshman housing selection last Thursday.

The ten students who showed up split up into two teams, team JLU and team Shades. In the end, team JLU pulled through for the win.

Every year the CA’s of each hall are supposed to put together three different community building activities in an attempt to get freshman to become more involved in the Franklin Pierce community.

“These activities really helped us get to know the other people living in our hall,” said Beth Stewart, a freshman living on Morrissey’s floor in Mt. Washington.

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