Therapy dogs lounged around Spagnuolo Hall this past Wednesday.

by Kelsey Parker
edited by Catherine Tersoni

(Photo: Kelsey Parker)

The Monadnock Therapy Pets came to campus in Spagnuolo Hall on Wednesday, May, 3rd from from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. for students to pet, talk to, and hug.

There were a few different breeds of dogs that came and went.  One little Chihuahua named Coffee was a huge hit with the crowd and was very popular among the stressed out college students who attended.

“I hung out with a big dog, I’m not sure what breed it was, but his name is Shamus,” said freshman Jarred Perley.

Another dog was trained to give ‘hugs’ on command from his owner and trainer. The trainer has five other dogs he brings around the Monadnock Region to help in healing and stress relief at events like the one on campus.

“It got my mind off of school and finals for a little bit. It was fun. I would definitely go again, because the therapy dogs really helped,” said freshman Carissa Gordon.

A few of the dogs’ owners said that the dogs have to work harder at this time of year. The therapy dogs visit many colleges in the area during final exam weeks.

They become tired because they are not used to working so much. One even growled at someone because he needed a break.

A number of students enjoyed this event and would like it to happen again in the future.


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