Track team showcases raven trap

by Meghan Tarr
edited by Austin Callaway

For the past several years, the track team has been hosting an event that consists of talent shows, games, and more as an event called Raven Trap in Spagnuolo Hall.

Raven Trap this year was on April 23rd. There were a lot of games, talents, and end of the year team bonding. It was also a time of honoring and saying goodbye to the seniors. This event is just for the track team. Underclassmen brought food for the team to enjoy throughout the event.

Photo: Meghan Tarr

Everyone on the team was partnered up to make an award like best dressed, most likely to miss a bus to a meet, and other funny superlatives. The team voted for who they thought deserved the superlative, and then whoever won got their award.

“It’s a good bonding experience and lots of fun for the team, especially because the team is split between distance and sprinters,” Jaris Neville said.

Raven Trap included a talent show that featured singing, a band, skits, and more. Senior Josh Roberts, who had a singing act, was voted most talented by the audience.

Raven Trap also had games like family feud and charades. Family feud was played by the freshmen and the charades was played by the upperclassmen.

At the end of the night they honored the seniors with teammates saying nice things and how much they would miss them.


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