Celebration of a life: Breana Coleman

by Katie Davert

Being an artist, Breana Coleman always knew she wanted a tattoo, she just wasn’t sure what to get until she created a piece with her grandmother that she knew she’d want to keep forever.

(Photo: Breana Coleman)

Coleman’s grandmother, Donna Coleman, was an artist, her medium varying greatly. Once Donna retired she narrowed her artistic talents down to painting and drawing. Her grandmother passed down these talents to Coleman, her eldest granddaughter.

Coleman took to art at a very young age and with the help of her grandmother, she began to refine her skills. Like her grandmother, she focused mainly on drawing and painting. “I started drawing when I was five years old. I’d try to mimic what my grandmother would do and she’d show me how to fix it and make it more realistic,” said Coleman. She began to draw and paint more than Donna. She worked on mostly landscapes and nature pieces.

(Photo: Breana Coleman)

In 2015 Coleman’s grandmother fell ill. They found a clot in her heart. She spent her remaining months in the hospital. Over that time Coleman went home from college to visit every weekend, and during the winter break of her freshman year she visited every day.

In an effort to keep her grandmother’s spirits up, the pair began to focus on one drawing. The piece started out with a single yellow flower in the middle of the canvas. They planned on filling the page with bright flowers but her grandmother passed away before they could.

Coleman didn’t change the piece afterwards. Instead she had it tattooed on her foot. Coleman’s own mother said, “I was proud that it wasn’t just a tattoo. It was something you painted with her and now you will have it forever.”

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