Ceramics studio holds an open studio during FPU Family Day

by Sydney Maville
edited by Jenna Harrington

Families from out of town trickled into the ceramics studio Saturday September 23rd for Family Day to check out the annual open studio.

In one room, kids from one family played with small balls of clay, while the parents talked to ceramics professor Susan Silverman about the art department.

The open studio gave students and family a rare chance to see students from Silverman’s ceramics class demonstrate how to throw cylinders, while Katie Davert, a student worker and tutor, watched closely to help them.

In an email interview, Davert said, “I think the open studio went really well. It was a great idea and it’s always nice to have the studio open to bring families in during family day.”

Silverman hopes the open studio will encourage students to join the class in the future and believe it helps to showcase the current students’ progress in the class.

(Photo: Sydney Maville

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