Classroom Damages A Problem For 2017

by Zach Letourneau

Go to class this semester and you may find some classrooms in disrepair or in need of a facelift. But the school’s capital improvement plan certainly doesn’t; at least concerning equipment deemed essential to learning. The line item in the Franklin Pierce University budget for classroom infrastructure (which includes more than just classroom essentials) is $2.5 million. “Any kind of equipment that enhances student involvement and learning would be welcomed by everyone,” said Dr. Phyllis Zrzavy a communications professor. Students and staff alike will certainly get their wish after this fiscal year’s budget comes to pass.

The Fitzwater Communications Center may see more AV equipment in need of tune-ups, versus Marcuella requiring structural repairs. These include broken or unsecured desk tops, burnt projector bulbs, desks with no legs, and chairs with the seats collapsing etc. The line item for these facility essentials is approximately $83,000, according to Finance Director Nathaniel Peirce. “The school recognizes the need for proactive purchases in every department.” Peirce said.

Realistically, these items won’t harm or hinder students and their learning abilities outside the classroom. But it does make it more difficult for instructors to present and share material, or keep students focused inside the classroom environment. If you see a need for classroom repairs, improvements or innovations contact the RESLIFE office at 899-4176.

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