Dice roll at Big Game after Gamers Club

(Photo: Mary Decker)

by Mary Decker
edited by Jenna Harrington

Ten students came together after Gamers Club to participate in the club’s first Big Game campaign for this year on Thursday, September 21.

Senior Gabriel Norwood, chair of the Gamers Club’s Knights of the Round Tabletop Committee, described Big Game as a club event that “essentially like [Dungeons and Dragons], or any role-playing game, but bigger, taking as many people willing to play at a time and getting them into one game to share laughs [and] epic drama.” The Knights of the Round Tabletop Committee is responsible for all the role-playing game events.

Norwood said that Big Game has been known to have up to 30 people playing at a time. An average role-playing game has around 4 or 5 people.

“A role-playing game is a game when you are given a setting, the [Game Master] has your missions and goal in mind, and plan[s] everything you have to do, but everything you do is up to you,” said junior Molly Cowan, one of the Game Masters for this session’s Big Game, “It’s acting, but you don’t have to be good at it.”

This Big Game’s setting was in a post-zombie-apocalyptic Japan, and students played characters such as gunslingers and techies. Each player served a specific role in the group, or party, to try to lead to the success of whatever goal or mission the Game Master (GM) has written for them. Cowan kept the over-arching plot of the campaign a secret.

Role-playing games, particularly Big Game, allow for students to meet their peers across grades, according to both Norwood and Cowan. This once weekly game brings together people from different backgrounds, and has them working together as a team to solve whatever problem the GM has whipped up for them.

Both Norwood and Cowan showed enthusiasm at the thought of more people from around campus joining in Big Game. Norwood says, “You gotta try it at last once. People miss out on such a wonderful experience.”

The Gamers Club meets at 8:30 every Thursday, and activities (like Big Game) afterwards. The Gamers Club usually holds at least two Big Game events a year.


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