Dress codes causes dispute in SGA

by Haley Gardner
edited by Aaron Santini

A dispute over the SGA dress code seems to be over, according to SGA President Matthew Dresselhouse.

Complaints had arisen over the requirements to dress in business formal attire. According to Dresselhouse, those complaints will be directed to the SGA Parliamentarian. Dresselhouse says that there has not been a complaint in the past two weeks.

Every year there is conflict over the SGA dress code because students can not afford to buy suits and other formal attire. This year students once again debated whether or not certain articles of clothing should be allowed.

A club senator sophomore, Hannah Collins, said, “Dress codes have always been a hot topic.”

Problems were occurring at meetings because students came to SGA in button down shirts and other less than formal attire. They were asked to leave. Students argued the definition of business formal attire was confusing or unclear.

Dresselhouse, a junior, said, “We are a professional organization meaning that we should also be wearing what is considered business attire while being able to accommodate everyone.”



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