Exchange hacked, goes down for a week

by Sydney Maville
edited by Jenna Harrington

The Exchange was maliciously hacked Friday September 15th, causing the site to be inaccessible for a week.

This hack was first noticed by students who tried to access the site the following day.

The hosting site notified Professor Paul Bush, a Communications professor, that the hack was so severe it was deactivating the site. Bush uses the Exchange as a teaching tool for his three journalism classes.

Hackers installed malware at the highest levels of the website’s domain, forcing Bush to undertake major renovations to core files.

Files for the Exchange were salvageable, but previous editions of the Day in the Life of Franklin Pierce project as well as coverage of Seniors Honors Convocation were lost.

Journalism 2 student Harrison Berkland said, “I took a year off between Journalism 1 and Journalism 2; I was very upset that I can’t go back and find my old articles for reference.”

This is not the first time that a hack has happened. About three years ago the Exchange was attacked by a hacker who added thousands of advertising files into root folders.

In order to prevent this from happening again,  Bush has now taken additional security measures.

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