Family Ties and Cattle Roping Keep Angelo Sellitto Grounded

by Sean Ellertson

Angelo Sellitto’s life has been a rowdy one since his parents split up when he was in middle school and he was forced to become the man of the house at a young age.

Angelo had to grow up quickly to help raise his younger brother. And with the added birth of his nephew Anthony, Sellitto became a father figure for two younger family members.

“It’s more of a dad, brother and uncle combination, which is weird. But I would anything for Anthony. If I had to I would leave school right now to go take care of him,” said Sellitto.

(Photo: Angelo Sellitto)

Despite his hectic life, Sellitto still manages to find ways to relax and his one escape is the rodeo.

In the rodeo, he’s a capable cattle roper and cowboy in the rodeo. Sellitto first picked up a rope when he was four [the same age as his nephew]. Soon after, his parents bought him his first horse, a bay horse named Buster. Shortly after that, Sellitto fell in love with the activity of horse riding.

In his last tournament, he placed in the first round while competing against cowboys from all around the country. Sellitto says the arena teaches him the values of patience and hard work, principles he also learns on the family farm, waking up early in the morning.

Sellitto’s life has been a wild ride, but he’s able to find peace with his country roots, especially while at the rodeo.


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