Franklin Pierce gets no takers from Harvey offer

by Colin Doherty
edited by Haley Gardner

Three students applied to Franklin Pierce University to take part in the Harvey Relief Scholar Program, but all three decided to remain at their home institutions in Houston, Texas. 

After the devastating affects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas, Franklin Pierce offered a relief program to all students that attend school within the Houston area.

The Harvey Scholar Program included free tuition, room and board, as well as a meal plan, for one semester for any students within the affected area who applied for the program and were accepted into the Franklin Pierce Community.

“We have had three students that have applied for the scholarship program.” said Melissa Conway, the director of Enrollment Operations. 

The only expense the accepted Harvey Students would have to worry about would be transportation from their college or university in Houston. “However their respective Universities ended up opening sooner than we had anticipated, so they decided to stay with their home institution,” said Conway. 

(Photo: Business Insider)

The scholar program is common among other colleges, and also is not the first time Franklin Pierce has offered something like this. “Back when Hurricane Katrina happened alot of schools were offering programs like this,” said Conway. “At that time period, we here at Franklin Pierce accepted fourteen students who were displaced during the hurricane.”

Other students already on campus have been affected by Harvey in different ways. Freshman Brad Rochford has family in Houston. “My cousin Jason, who’s always been my closest cousin, just got a job promotion down there. He just had moved in his new apartment, but then was forced to come back since nothing was at his house he then had to take over my room,” Rochford said.

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