Love, Devotion, and a Father’s Sacrifice

(Photo: Renata Aragao)

by Tyler Aragao

Long days at the rink and the freezing bleacher seats are just a part of his routine. When he’s not at the rink he’s delivering mail for the city of Taunton. A veteran letter carrier of 19 years John Aragao has found a way to balance the rigors of working with helping his two sons play hockey. His hands are full. Working six days a week, helping his sons with hockey and supporting a family led to many expenses and tough decisions. But John would always find a way.

With the risk of being late with bill payments looming John decided to take his son to the local hockey store and proceeded to spend over a thousand dollars on brand new gear for the upcoming season. The money spent on hockey alone was just the beginning. Long drives and late nights getting back from games followed. Miles upon miles driven, days taken off work and vacations spent in the frigid rink. Yet for John that sacrifice was made all worthwhile by seeing both of his boys thrive playing a game he dearly loved.

It’s never been easy, there have a lot of challenges and times where the family struggled. “His sacrifice for his family allows us to have everything we need,” says his wife Renata. Often he stretched money out to keep his sons in hockey and to allow his children to pursue things. John Aragao has done anything and everything to give his children the best possible life even if that meant sacrificing some of his own.

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