NESN searches for Next Producer

by Harrison Berkland
edited by Logan Sherwood

NESN is launching its third season of the series, Next Producer, which is a contest that allows groups of up to four students from all New England colleges/universities to enter.

Junior Cam Gonsalves, who has recently formed a group, said, “I am interested in this contest because even if I lose, which I do not believe I will, it is a great opportunity to get my foot in the door. Worst case scenario I lose and get the experience. Best case scenario, my group and I win this thing, split the $20,000 grand prize and are granted job opportunities with NESN.”

Contestants must create a short sports film from 3.5 to four minutes long. The contest is open for all students, not just open to communications or sports media majors.

Senior Meg O’Donahue is also on a team that is prepared to win the grand prize. O’Donahue said, “I am interested in this contest because I have always been extremely passionate about sports and documentaries so this will be exciting. I have seen the past winners entries and they are extremely passionate and emotional… I believe my team will be able to find a story that we can win with.”

Richard Morse, Fitzwater Center’s media specialist, said, “I would like for students to know that their stories can be heard. This contest allows students to create a sports documentary about any sport that they want and it can be from anywhere in New England it does not have to be FPU sports related.”

If interested in competing, the first deadline for submitting a proposal is on September 29th. The next deadline is October 30th in which

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the final video is due.

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