Newsbrief: Assault on Raqqa continues

by Eric Hammett
edited by Matt Dresselhouse

(Photo: BBC)

In Raqqa Syria, 80 percent of the city has been secured by Kurdish, Arab, and US forces according to the BBC.

Reports stated that over many days of bombing, Islamic State (IS) fighters were forced to pull out of the area.  A large force of SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) fighters and US led airstrikes had encircled the city in June. It estimated that the SDF have retaken more than 90 percent of the city.

Many militants were forced to flee for safer areas inside of the city center. However, the battle for the last 10 percent is predicted to be incredibly difficult because civilians inside of the area being used as human shields to prevent further airstrikes in the area. Many civilians are possibly “still inside the city range from fewer than 10,000 to as many as 25,000,” according to the BBC.

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